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Wednesday links

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Michelle Varian

  • Do check out Racked’s list of the Top 38 home stores  in New York—there are some of the usual suspects, but a number of indies with robust e-commerce sites too, for those of you who don’t actually get to live here and enjoy all of this glorious never-Spring weather we’ve been having.  (Racked NY)
  • The Secret Service has its first female director—a move that’s probably got a lot to do with trying to place that prostitution scandal as firmly in the past as possible, but how about we toast it as progress anyway? (Atlantic Wire)
  • Kids. (New York)
  • Here is Buzz Bissinger—the sportswriter who brought us the universe of Friday Night Lights, going on at great—and somewhat unsettling—length in GQ about his strange shopping addiction to Gucci. And here is a smart and troubled response to it. (GQ, XXfactor)
  • Thunderation! It’s a list of old fashioned swear words poised for a comeback.  (Mental Floss)
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Consider the clog sandal

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Cool though it may be, the clog is not a pretty shoe. It is galumphy and unfeminine in the extreme; the kind of footwear that can be styled to look cool, but rarely to look seriously good. I do like clog sandals, however. They are walkable and fun, and while they might not be the most delicate shoes in your summer arsenal, they will be among those you reach for most. I’m  considering this Loeffler Randall pair: it’s on the splurgy side, but the tri-colored straps—three great neutrals that go great together—would work with just about any color.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.40.51 PM

This very classic natural leather pair suggests the 70s, but does not feel stuck there.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.57.04 PM

Such strappy kick-around-on-the-weekend fun, and with some real height. Plus, the fact that these are a nice blue keeps all those straps from feeling too dark and clunky.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.59.27 PMBrooklyn’s own Nina Z makes a small line of cute clogs at decent prices, and if you’re in the borough, you can always find them on weekends at the Brooklyn Flea. That’s where I discovered this pair, which after two summers, I have worn into the ground. You can barely see this shoe’s best detail in this picture: it’s a seam coming straight up the middle of the front of the ankle strap, and it’s quite chic.


Possibly the most dressed-up clog sandals in the brief history of clog sandals, in fancy silver metallic leather.


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Print of the week

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Coolest iPad cover ever.

Posted on March 26th, 2013

Tuesday links

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We love when sites we love do giveaways with us


It’s hard to believe I’m only just now getting around to writing about Of A Kind, because it is one of the most creative indie shopping sites out there and a personal favorite too, with a premise as innovative as it is simple. A few times a week, the Of A Kind crew—who are expert at spotting talent, both established and emerging—introduce limited runs of  highly desirable clothing and (mostly) accessories. Unlike other sites that specialize in limited edition runs, prices here are more in line with the way most us shop, with some pieces starting at $40, and nothing ever priced much over $240. One quite recent collaboration was the ballet tote you see before you from Fleabags, and—thrillingly—we’re got one to give away! Just go here and follow the directions. And do so by Thursday, March 28.

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Monkey of invention

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My extra set of keys lives in the random-items-that-fall-in-no-category drawer in my kitchen—we all have one somewhere, yes?—and I am forever losing track of them, because they are on a dinky hardware store ring, and the random items drawer is full to capacity. This poses a problem whenever I lose my primary keys—which occurs if not constantly, then not infrequently either. And because this is exactly the type of factor that can cause a person to be stupidly late to important engagements, a solution was clearly in order. Something that borrowed from the concept of an oversized paddle board gas station key ring, but smaller and less ungainly—and I knew exactly where to get it. The West Village Little Marc Jacobs store has a selection of Steiff key rings that I’ve spied on more than one shopping-for-children expedition: not the most elegant solution, to be sure, nor the most sophisticated. Even borderline embarrassing. But the objective is brilliantly accomplished, with one extra added bonus: you will never dig through your bag for your keys when they’re attached to a furry little stuffed creature.


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