Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Wednesday links

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  • “Photography is brilliant at describing and not letting you know,” says American street photographer Joel Meyerowitz in this video short, in which he also explains some of his most noted shots. (BBC News)
  • Possibly the best food truck concept of them all.  (Gothamist)
  • This list ranking the most expensive cities in the world is actually rather surprising. (Refinery 29)
  • “Before 9am, it’s really not easy to go out and buy hair,” and other lessons of fashion week. (Time)
  • I need to know more about Lynsi Torres, the 30 year-old owner, president, and heir to the In-N-Out burger fortune than just that she’s thrice-divorced, lives in a $17 million house with a private golf course, and refuses all press requests.   So very, very much more.  (Mental Floss)



Posted on February 6th, 2013 4 Comments

4 Responses

  1. sarah says:

    I watched a video story about Lynsi Torres on abc.com this morning and was surprised that she actually seems pretty normal!

  2. sarah says:

    *for a 30 yo thrice married, race car driving, 17million dollar mansion owning, hamburger billionaire, that is.

  3. shefferman says:

    “Somebody call 911! A model’s down!”

  4. Melody McFarland says:

    We have a cupcake truck starting this week here in Lancaster PA! Can’t wait!