Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Monday links


  • Jimi Hendrix’s real life Foxy Lady—and how an argument about mashed potatoes (sort of) led him to write “And the Wind Cries Mary.” (BBC Magazine)
  • Public, super-choreographed proposals always strike me as remarkably cringe-worthy. And any proposal that involves breaking the law can not entirely be classified as cool. But the way this biker asked his girlfriend to marry him—by having his biker posse shut off traffic on a major California highway, and then shooting off a pink cloud of smoke for dramatic effect—was its own special brand of awesome nevertheless. (Daily Mail)
  • Well, here’s a new one—and a frankly not entirely un-intriguing one for those of us who have over-plucked and lived to regret: semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. What thinks? (Allure)
  • Good on you, lady. (Daily What)
  • The Atlantic Wire always does the best live blogging: here’s their coverage of the Super Bowl last night complete with every commercial, just in case you missed any and/or are at all curious. (Atlantic Wire)
Posted on February 4th, 2013

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