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Was going to give this one a pass


…but it’s Thursday, and people are still talking about whether or not Beyonce lip synched the national anthem, and the very fact of that seems remarkable.  Lip-synching is lame, but choosing to but do so when faced with a spectacularly large audience and challenging venue is far from unheard-of. It’d be nice if Ms. Knowles bestowed upon her public something beyond a  “No comment,” but—alas—this  has precedent in the entertainment world as well. Personally, I’m far more mystified as to why she decided a floor-length Pucci gown was acceptable attire for the event—as though the inaugural was not a dignified day of  historical significance, but instead just another stop on the sparkling world tour that is her life.

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Posted on January 24th, 2013 22 Comments

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  1. gablesgirl says:

    So baffled by her choice of evening gown, fur and jewels. She could have gone in such a better direction. Eva Longoria looked adorable.

    • Caroline says:

      Completely agree. There were so many better options for her to wear that day for the inauguration. I’m not saying she needs to bust out a St. John’s knit, but save the evening dress for the evening.

  2. blackbird says:

    And there are those squawking about her “performing” the anthem rather than “delivering” it.
    I thought I was the only person on earth to question her choice of attire for such an event.

  3. Tara says:

    A hundred years ago, I was a band nerd & was in an honor band that performed frequently on TV. When we knew we were going to be on TV, we performed along with pre-recorded audio, that’s pretty much the norm. If you don’t, you get the sound of whatever instrument the camera is near. With a live singer, you run the risk of the wind blowing her voice around, the cold affecting her voice, pretty much anything. It’s that she got caught, that’s what everyone is going on about.

  4. kates says:

    Whatever about the singing – I agree with Tara about the technical aspects of performing outside and live. But the evening wear, what was up with that?

  5. Violet says:

    Um, Kelly Clarkson performed live so the “reasons” why Beyonce should be let off the hook for lip-synching fly right out the window if you ask me. If she can give a good vocal performance while energetically dancing around a stage in skyscraper heels and a glitter leotard, she should be able to handle a little wind and/or cold.

    Gorgeous dress. Completely wrong venue.

    The best thing I can say about Beyonce is that she didn’t destroy the national anthem with too, too many changes to the melody or add more than 17,000 extra notes.

  6. kim says:

    Just did a whole post on the inaugural clothes and was baffled as to why she would choose evening attire for day..Why Kelly didn’t lip-synch, but she did is strange. I agree with you. It’s all about her I’m sure and she wasn’t too concerned with what was appropriate or not, but being “Beyonce.”

  7. Bridget says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was annoyed with her dress. But of course, she is Beyonce, and as a friend told me, you do.not.criticize. Her Greatness.

  8. c.w. says:

    Beyonce dress=poor choice. Beyonce lip synch=not wanting to sound less fabulous than a studio can record her. Colbert did a pretty awesome take on her the other night––worth doing a you tube search to see it. After she sold out to Pepsi for 50 million (or whatever it was) for the Super Bowl it shouldn’t surprise anyone regarding her choices. (unless she was giving the 50 mil to charity––now that would be an amazing thing––but she’s not so she has become just another corporation––Beyonce Inc.)

  9. Sara says:

    Who cares if the dress was too much, it doesnt even fit her correctly. My tummy and thighs are hurting just looking at that overstretched fabric. Such an expensive dress looking so cheap.

  10. JK says:

    Why so much hate? Beyonce’s rendition was lovely – if it was lip-synched, I give her kudos for doing it so believably! I swear I heard her voice reverbating off the mic. As for the dress, at least it was better than Aretha’s hat.

  11. e.w. says:

    agree with others.
    Beyonce and her entourage are so Over-Exposed.
    They are become, Irrelevant and Insignificant.

  12. Sarah says:

    I don’t know…could the dress have just been a miscalculation on her and/or her stylist’s part?
    Who among us hasn’t goofed and shown up in the “wrong” outfit for an occasion?

    For that matter, who among us doesn’t, at least a little, wish we had her income and the freedom and security it would provide?

    I’m not particularly a Beyonce fan, but don’t see a reason to be so harsh. As “girls of a certain age,” can’t we just, finally, say no to sitting at the mean girls’ table?

    • KimFrance says:

      I didn’t want to venture into—and indeed always try to avoid—mean girl territory. But I did find it remarkable that a woman upon whom the spotlight falls so very often couldn’t back off a bit on a day that was all about our president and our nation.
      Still, sorry if the tone was off.

  13. Caryn says:

    I guess I am the only one who thought she looked gorgeous. Actually, I know I’m not, but I’m not a fashionista by any means and this is quite honestly the only fashion site I read. She’s a musician; she’s not a member of state. I don’t think she was trying to upstage the president – I can’t even parse how anyone could interpret that from her choice of what she wore – what did you want her to wear? She’s Beyonce. IF you expect her to dress like Kelly Clarkson, well, she’s not Kelly Clarkson. How on earth did she upstage the President?? I… I just can’t.


    That is what this sounds like. She’s a PERFORMER.

    I don’t even own one Beyonce album before you accuse me of being a fan-girl or a defender or “you don’t attack Beyonce.” I just don’t get the hatred except by people who resent a strong African-American woman who takes care of her business and will brook no debate about it.

    As for the lip-sync accusations, there’s just as much proof from industry professionals (and I am in this industry) that she didn’t. But people dislike her and resent her success so let’s find a reason to hate a classy woman who’s worked hard and runs her own business.

    • Violet says:

      This is not “hatred” or denigrating a “strong African-American woman” – it doesn’t matter who was wearing the clothes. In my opinion, the wardrobe choice was just as inappropriate as wearing jeans and a t-shirt would have been. Simple as that.

  14. Anne says:

    dress wasn’t right. her best accessory was Tom Ford clad Jay-z who looked spot on.

  15. Viajera says:

    My issue with the alleged lip-synching is that I feel there is a certain creeping falseness that’s taking over and it bothers me. If lip-synching is standard procedure and “okay,” then just tell us, beforehand. I don’t go to concerts much anymore, but if someone wasn’t actually going to sing, why am I there?

    In fact, I was a bit upset when I found out the *entire inauguration* was sort of fake, since he actually took the oath the day before. WHY not move the *entire* celebration, so that it could be “real?” I don’t like having to put “real” in quotes about important things, like getting a new president without anyone getting shot over it. (Yay!!!)

    As a society, I think we are going down a bad path with all this fake stuff that everyone seems to think is okay. No, it’s not.

    • Cara says:

      It seems as if “real”is not good any more. Not allowed to age, not allowed regular body shapes etc. etc. As to Beyoncé’s choice of dress: something from V.Beckham’s line or L’Wren Scott would have been lovely, even Lanvin. She needs to shed the sparkly a bit.

  16. Jessica M says:

    Thank you. Thank you, Kim.

  17. kathryn says:

    i think it disappoints because it suggests that the event for beyonce was, as previously suggested, about beyonce looking good and her pursuit of perfection. i think you bring your real voice to historical events, and let the chips fall where they may. (i admire beyonce, generally, by the way.)

    that said, if someone was going to show gutsy-ness that day, i’m glad it was the pres.

  18. Eve says:

    I don’ t think u were harsh…..just honest