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Our four-legged friends

I’m a stickler for a tight edit. So after deciding to do a little item based on animal jewelry, I got a little anxious, because animal jewelry as a theme is just too broad for me to be happy with. And then I realized:  these animals have all got hooves. Which is a theme!  (That thud you hear is the sound of the jaw of every editor who ever had to pitch me a trend story dropping to the ground.) Still, the stuff is cute. Like for instance, this Chloe horse head bangle—thrillingly on sale—which is somehow more rock and roll than its more traditional counterparts.

I do adore this rather pricey little rose gold Piggy.

Yes, I’ve got a bit of a horse thing. What of it?

Given the season, it seemed appropriate to include a reindeer. It’s rather elegant, no?

Animal lovers: If you don’t follow any other advice I ever give you, please just promise you will go visit The Magic Zoo, the site where I found this very winning giraffe, because it is crazy. They make little the cutest charms! Look at the greyhound.  The little Dachsund on his hind legs! And the Great Dane. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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Reader, should I?

As I have stated in the past, I’m not big on logos. But I’m also a complicated lady, full of quirks and contradictions, one of which is that—despite my stated distaste for logos—I am a total sucker for the Comme Des Garcons Play line and its bewitching little red heart. I haven’t actually ever bought anything, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t gazed at various stripey teesV-necks and Converse sneakers with great longing and hunger in my eyes. The other day, however, a girlfriend dragged me with her to the Comme de Garcons Chelsea store to get a cardigan for her boyfriend. With a black heart—red would not do—because everyone knows the ones with black hearts are infinitely cooler (I of course did not know). And so now I am obsessed with owning the women’s version of the black heart cardigan. Because yes, it truly is somehow just that much cooler than the red. But mostly because I am a sheep. I leave it to you.

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Morning links

  • Really quite beautiful x-ray photos of Christmas gifts (Faith is Torment via Flavorwire)
  • Somebody wrote a whole book on the topic, but if you’re not interested in wading in quite that deep, here’s a brief pop-cultural history of  Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”—from its 80s origins as a masterwork by the High King of music nerd boys to its rebirth as Shrek soundrack-fodder, and beyond. (The Atlantic)
  • This Peanuts gang/Bad Brains mashup is exactly the type of thing that makes me wish I still occasionally got high. (Death + Taxes)
  • Nobody created a more amusing Gossip Girl recap—or one with a more passionate fan base—than Jessica Pressler and Chris Rovzar over at New York’s website. Rozvar bowed out some time ago for a new gig, but reunited—deeply amusingly—with Pressler for Monday’s big farewell. You might enjoy it even if you never watched the show, seeing as how you’re way past its demographic and all (cough). (Vulture)
  • Dear lordy, has it really come to this? (Mother Jones)


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Paint it pink

photo via Mashable

Nobody seems to like that Microsoft’s ad guys took over the Times Square/Grand Central shuttle and made the cars mobile advertisements for their new Tablet, complete with video screens that play their ads on endless loop. But for some reason—like maybe that the Times Square/Grand Central Shuttle is a total drag of a subway line that manages to pack a lot of bummer into just one stop—this delights me. Of course, the fact that the shuttle’s only a 45-second ride is also what makes this seem  OK—any longer than that, and a person could start feeling very Trapped at the Barbie Factory—as is the fact that it’s temporary.

Also, I like a well-executed bit of  big dramatic marketing (see here) just as long as it’s ephemeral and not too disruptive.

It can also be innovative and really fun—check out this spot set in an Antwerp train station where commuters approach a Coke Zero machine that challenges them in a in a race against the clock to win tickets for Skyfall. And I think this Korean Coke machine/dance-off-bot is pretty amusing too. On the other hand,  I curse the day Taxi TV was invented. We all have our limits. What are yours?

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Cutest dog bed ever


Liberty of London, you are killing me.

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Oops, auto-post neglected to post my Morning links links

  • A rundown of 2012’s most wackadoo ads, from the very clever to the absolutely atrocious. (Adfreak)
  • In America on Thanksgiving, we eat turkey. In Japan on Christmas—as the result of a very successful marketing campaign in the 70s—they eat KFC. (Smithsonian)
  • When people hate their jobs very, very much. (Daily What)
  • Comfort dogs to the rescue. (Time)
  • So that’s what that was all about. (AV Club)


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