Wednesday 21st February 2018
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Morning links

  • Happy Christmas Eve, guys; I hope your holiday break has either already begun or is exceptionally imminent. I’m going to  step away for the screen for a tiny break myself, so expect me back full-steam on January 2—but don’t surprised if I pop in before then for a quickie or two.  Meanwhile, let’s celebrate 2012’s last round of morning links with a bunch of vintage holiday-themed Playboy covers. (Retronaut)
  • Were you aware of the popular megachurch holiday tradition known as the singing Christmas tree? Because it sure took me by surprise. (Slate)
  • The origins of the Christmas Stocking, with fun pictures. (Threaded)
  • Shoppers: I have located the Ugly Christmas sweater motherlode. Behold. (Ugly Christmas Sweaters)
  • The Vatican has its own tax-free secret department store. (Time)




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  1. JC says:

    As a former professional musician, I can tell you that singing Christmas trees (or as they were called at the place where I played, “living Christmas trees”) are one of the main reasons I am now a lawyer. I was never so happy to turn down work as I was to turn down that gig the first year I worked at a law firm.