Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Hop to it, Comptoir de Cotonniers


There are any number of things I do not understand about the fashion world: why a guy who makes cute tops and sweaters was put in charge of one of the more esteemed design houses in existence; why anyone would think to put a woman’s feet in this; and why Comptoir de Cotonniers will not just get on the stick and do American e-commerce already. They’ve got stores here, but only a few, and only on the east coast—leaving the rest of you to puzzle through Google Translation, figure out exchange rates in your head, and wait forever for overseas shipping.

Which hardly seems fair.  Especially if you share my obsession with metallics, because they’ve got a whole little gold mini-collection going right now, as I learned this evening when the dog and I took our stroll down Bleecker Street. I am nuts for this graphic, deco-ish dress. It’s the perfect New Year’s Eve choice if you want to be comfortable but still look like you made an effort. Also: I like this tunic very much. But I’d wear it unbuttoned. And this sweater. Which is possibly too crazy to pull off, but then again, possibly not.

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Posted on December 13th, 2012 5 Comments

5 Responses

  1. beth says:

    Can someone also explain why Bensimmon with those adorable ballerina sneakers doesn’t make a size that resembles an american size 10?

    Love Comptoir. I buy an embarrassing lot of stuff there.

  2. mims says:

    i too loved my metallic clothing bling, until Iheard Mindy Kaling on Fresh Air (i think) give it a thumbs down as in it freaks guys out. But I agress that dress and tunic are adorable. Maybe guys are afraid we will give off sparks if they hug a girl with metallic fringey things.

  3. Desert Flower says:

    Wang for Balenciaga. I can’t afford Balenciaga so I wouldn’t be buying anyway, but the fact that AW is so one note and undeveloped as a designer will sure change my enjoyment of the runway shows.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I love Comptoir! Been browsing it the last few seasons, but this Fall’s collection really hit it with me. I bought several pieces, including an attached sweatshirt/skirt dress (a topic for your “would you?” posts;)that really works.

    You’re so right about their ecommerce. If Sandro can do it, then Comptoir should! Oh well, will pick up that tunic at the January “soldes”!

    @Mims: This one has just enough gold to not freak anyone out: http://www.comptoirdescotonniers.com/eboutique/collection-femme/robes/2584-nhouston-couleur-noir-ref-nhouston.html. I’v been wearing it dressed down with Cynthia Vincent’s black riding boots from last year(with also just the right amount of gold)and dressed up with chunky pumps.

    Really enjoying your blog. It’s become a daily must-visit!