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Gift guide, part 2: candles, now and forever

Aside from the scent, which can be lovely, they’re just a wonderful opportunity to invite a little moment of good design into your life. I’m partial to those with lots of typography, because they feel less girly and boudoir-ish, and more like you could burn them in every room of the house.

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Would you?

Scotch Plaid shirts. Retroishly, but not grunge retroishly. More like Ice Storm-crossed with back-to-school-issue-of-Seventeen circa 1979 retroishly.

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Gift Guide time! Part 1: things that don’t look like what they are

For instance, this is a piggy bank.

And this? A fetchingly cubist salt and pepper grinder.

Just the most graceful little letter opener ever.

A keychain that is also a speaker.

This opens bottles.

And this is a tea strainer—but of course.


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Cyber Monday Monday Monday!

Nothing short of a scenario involving hot coals and pointy objects could get me out to stores on Black Friday—no judgment against those who do, but I just don’t have that kind of stamina. Cyber Monday is so much more my style: just plunk on down in front of the magic box and go. What could be better than browsing through all those hard-to-find indie designers at Brooklyn’s own Dear Fieldbinder, for instance, without ever having to get on the F train? (Just  enter CYBER35 at checkout.) And how infinitely more pleasant is it to sort through a whole mess of Rebecca Minkoff bags without having to do the actual, physical, sorting? A few other highlights: Danijo—for all of your sparkly bib necklace-of-the-moment needs;  Joie, who only make the cutest tops anywhere;  Nars (makeup never goes on sale!); OtteCosabella, (again! never goes on sale!); Barneys; and jeweler Melissa Joy Manning. Also: and high-end style sites Style Bop and The Corner.

But there is so very, very much more. For the absolute end-all rundown, check out these roundups courtesy of Refinery 29Beso, and Racked.


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Morning links

  • The University of Texas and Ryan O’Neal are all up in it over  this silkscreened Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett, what with O’Neal saying he only gave it to Fawcett for safekeeping, and UT insisting it was absolutely part of the art collection she bequeathed to the university upon her death. I’m only actually writing about it so that we can luxuriate for a moment in the epic 70s glamour and glory of said portrait before returning to our bleary post-holiday Monday mornings. (Daily Beast)
  • Do you know what is so totally dark ages and 21st century all at the same time? The fact that if you lived in Saudi Arabia right now, your husband would  be immediately alerted if you were trying to leave the country, thanks to a new electronic tracking system. (Time)
  • On a significantly brighter note: this awesome dad wanted his three year-old daughter to be able to see herself as the hero of her favorite video game, but all of the best video games are for boys. So he did what he had to do: hacked one of the games, and turned the hero into a girl. (Kottke)
  • You haven’t seen awful Christmas sweaters until you’ve seen these awful Christmas sweaters. (Collector’s Weekly)
  • A bunch of writers hold forth on their favorite bookstores, charmingly. (Atlantic)
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Off to the races

Happy Thanksgiving, people. Hope you find yourself   somewhere you want to be, with people you like, whose views on gay marriage, Breaking Bad, and the appropriateness of cranberry sauce from a can do not diverge too dramatically from your own. And of course I hope you’ve got lots to be thankful for. I know I do: first and foremost, for a family I actually enjoy spending time with, and then also for Nashville, Homeland (even though it’s getting a little shark-jumpy) Louie, and even Revenge, God help me. I’m grateful to live in a city that comes together instead of apart in times of crisis.  And I’m grateful that F. Scott Fitzgerald was so very dead wrong when he wrote  in The Last Tycoon that there are no second acts in American lives. As a person who spent more than one Thanksgiving so paralyzed by depression that I had to go lie down in another room because the simple act of conversing with others was too much to bear, I am infinitely grateful for life’s ability to change. And as somebody who had what looked like a lot from the outside, but felt like very little indeed on the inside, I can confirm what many of you are figuring out for yourselves as well: there is a second act, and it’s the one where you actually get to get it right.

Mostly this year though, I’m just impossibly grateful to you all. For finding me here, and for being so damn fun and enthusiastic. Your comments and emails never fail to make my day. Now tell me what you’re grateful for. I dig hearing about that type of thing.

Posted on November 21st, 2012 41 Comments