Saturday 20th January 2018
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All bets are off

My iPhone is so ancient that it’s positively Flintstonian, and I keep putting off buying a new one, because the functions I need my mobile device to perform remain simple and few. But I have just now glimpsed this new iPhone 5 case by Danijo, and its post-millennial psychedelic fabulosity has put me in another frame of mind entirely. It’s part of a collection of seven, all apparently based on kaleidoscopic images of Danijo designs. If it came in a dress, this print might be a bit  much. But as a wild fastasia of color the size of your hand? Crazy good fun.

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Posted on November 29th, 2012 3 Comments

3 Responses

  1. RJS says:

    It’s like, totally groovy!

  2. SewOm says:

    Love! I’m actually tempted to replace my Hello Kitty case with one of these. But I would have to upgrade my phone first.