Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Morning links

  • The Fug Girls fugged the MTV European Music Awards to a fare-thee-well: check in to see who they said was dressed as “a dreamcatcher that had sex with a mannequin.” (Go Fug Yourself)
  • Oh my God, this is hilarious. (College Humor via The Frisky)
  • And this is wicked cool. (PSFK via Flavorwire)
  • There is a song worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” And perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that it has been brought to us by the same people who delivered unto the world  Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” It is called “Thanksgiving” and you can see it here. (The Daily What)
  • What if Wes Anderson directed Star Wars? (Kottke)
Posted on November 13th, 2012 5 Comments

5 Responses

  1. Oh my hell – the Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriend was the best thing I’ve seen all day. Granted, it’s only 6:47 a.m., but I’m confident it will remain the best thing until I go to bed tonight. AWESOME.

  2. Tracey says:

    Am I the only one that finds the College Humour thing a tad problematic? I get that it’s a joke, and it’s mildly amusing, but isn’t it sort of implying straight women are stupid and shallow, as well as continuing a discourse on marriage equality that seems to render lesbians invisible?

    • Mauimermaid says:

      I’m sure you’re not the only one Tracey – but I do feel that you might be over thinking it. This is funny and brilliant – can’t we sometimes just leave it at that.

  3. Tara says:

    I love Heidi Klum, but who really thinks she’s qualified to judge up and coming fashion designers?

    Also, I think if I saw a tiny, little 3-D replica of myself I would just be shocked and appalled at the width of my hips in proportion to my tiny, little legs.

  4. c.w. says:

    Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriend is fall down and out funny. Loved it.