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Consider the turtleneck

I’m not a big fan of the turtleneck: when they’re too form-fitting, they don’t look all that cool, and the roomier ones can veer so shlumpy. I’ve also got a whole thing about needing all my tops and sweaters to show at least a little bit of collarbone: it’s such a universally flattering—and depending on what you’re wearing, sexy—part of the body. Like the modest girl’s cleavage. But I enjoy a challenge as much as the next girl. And so when my always stylish cousin Suzanne requested a post on them I went with it.  This one from J. Crew is about as classic as they come, and the excellent blue would look so good with skinny black pants.

(Can I also just say that although I used to seriously loathe cable necks and view them as the lowest of low on the totem of preppy style, I am now finding them quite cute? This one from Zara is so fun with the contrasting knit on the sleeves.)


This is pretty much the ideal big, huggy weekend weekend sweater.

I like how slouchy this one is, but not at the expense of figure-flattery.

And I surprise myself by liking this one, but there’s something rather psychedelic apres ski about it that both amuses and delights.



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Posted on November 5th, 2012 13 Comments

13 Responses

  1. Sofia says:

    I’ve seen it appearing more and more lately, but no I will not wear it! 😛

    I do think girls who have figures like keira knightley can pull it off though.

  2. Patience says:

    Thanks for this. I love turtlenecks and I think they look good on me, but sometimes I feel like I’m breaking an obscure style rule when I wear them. I love that big weekend sweater.

  3. lisa says:

    I declared last year the year of the turtleneck. Muji had some great versions.

  4. Stakra says:

    Kim, First off, love the posts! I look forward each morning to see what you have selected for our view in written or photo form. Now an age old question. Are all turtlenecks off limits for those of us that are thin but overly busty? I love the look of the black Vince one you posted from Nordstrom, but then wonder if I am just rationalizing that the dark color and vertical ribbing would be enough to counteract the, more often than not, unattractive silhoutte a large chest in a turtleneck shape creates!

  5. Audrey says:

    I LOVE turtlenecks. I’ve traditionally been the one who is always cold (though new hot flashes are changing this), and think turtlenecks, in addition to a big warm “hug”, provide a sexy, smooth, line – provided they are fitted.

    As a full-busted woman, though, there are certain ones I am hesitant to wear to the office.

  6. Viajera says:

    I wonder if one might not distract from a large bust by layering a lighter colored, v-necked something over the turtleneck, if the turtleneck’s a lighter knit and a fitted style? A cardigan or maybe a scarf. A nice chunky necklace. I guess if you’re cold it’s worth a try. I think they can look quite snappy if done right.

  7. As much as I love being stylish, I will never give up my turtlenecks because I am one of those people who Gets Cold Easily.

    Which is why I love a tissue weight turtleneck as a layering piece. Target has them, as does J. Crew.

    (And I have even been known to wear a turtleneck sweater over a turtleneck shirt. Some days a girl just wants to be cozy.)

  8. diane says:

    hi hi uniqlo, which now has e commerce, has great turtleneck wool/cashmere blend dresses that skim the body for $39, very easy to wear and comfy too, and they do do cashmere really well and super affordable, D

  9. c.w. says:

    Heidi, I wear thin tissue weight turtlenecks under turtlenecks––cozy and keeps the wool from being itchy!

    Love all the turtlenecks posted here––outstanding selection. Now if our weather system will just get us below 85 degrees…..

  10. Eve says:

    Love the black and white stripes..only for the very thin

  11. Ellen says:

    I have really big, wild, curly hair. So there’s no way I’d wear a turtleneck! It’s too hard to get on/off without making my hair even crazier!