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Morning links

  • Did any of you watch the first season of The Hour? The BBC America drama that takes place in 50s London and is like Mad Men but realer (and set at a TV news show, not an ad agency) and that has maybe the best love triangle in all of TV-dom? If so, then lookee! Here’s the first season two trailer. If not, then you must watch season one before season two starts so you can get in on the well-written, super well-acted, extra-British smarty-ness of it all. Truly, you are only cheating yourself if you don’t. (You Tube)
  • For your delectation: every single piece in the Margiela for H&M collection. (British Vogue)
  • This guide to distinguishing between the indistinguishable men of Nashville is very funny and right on point. (Vulture)
  • We didn’t really think we were going to get to get through this election cycle without a Lena Dunham PSA for Obama, did we? It’s aimed at college-aged kids, and it’s actually very charming. (The Grindstone)
  • Kurt and Courtney, the musical? (Flavorwire)
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Concealers: you asked, I answered

A hint of an under eye circle on Charlotte Rampling actually looked pretty sexy. On the rest of us, maybe not so much

A few of you have requested that I share my thoughts on concealer —intuiting, perhaps, that I might hold some strong opinions on the topic. And you intuited right, of course. I am plagued (possibly too strong a word) by under eye circles, and after years in a job that allowed me access to every newer and better eye de-puffer and un-darkener civilization has to offer, I finally came to the conclusion that the only real cure for dark circles is to just cover them up.

Choosing a good concealer is so damn tricky, though, and I’m fortunate to have had good tutors: almost everything I know about the topic I learned working at fashion magazines, where all of the more seasoned  beauty editors swore by  Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage.  It’s definitely for the person who knows her way around a makeup brush, as it’s closer to a solid than a cream, and therefore a bit tougher to apply. But if you’re good at that type of thing, it can’t be beat.

Givenchy’s Mister Light is super-simple to use, which made it a standby for  just about every woman I worked with who wasn’t a beauty editor, including me.

An editor once instructed me to allow eye cream an honest five minutes to sink in before you apply concealer, and—cumbersome though following that bit of advice may be—it really does make a difference. Things just go on more smoothly and stay on longer. Sometimes a girl is in a rush to get out the door, though, and that’s why I love Mac mineralize concealer (which I’ve mentioned here before, but am throwing in again)—it’s so creamy you can skip the moisturizing step altogether.

When I’m looking at a serious code blue situation, I pull out my treasured stash of Cle de Peau. The fantabulous makeup artist and all-around wonderful person Wei Lang introduced it to me back when photo shoots and TV appearances made the occasional appearance on my schedule, and nothing but the seriously Good Stuff would do.

A lot of people swear by YSL’s Touche Eclat, but I’d never actually tried it myself until just a couple of weeks ago when I grabbed it out of a friend’s makeup bag and gave it a whirl. And you know what? It is MAGIC. In that brightening, luminizing kind of way.



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The heart wants what it wants

I’m not entirely certain why I became so obsessed with finding the perfect foul weather poncho, but now that I believe myself to have done so, it is taking all my will (helped along by the fact that I’m doing battle with a cold and feeling weak as a kitten) not to hie myself to Bird immediately and snatch it up. I mean, does this hooded cape by Fjallraven have some clean, elegant lines for a piece of foul weather gear or what? Not even to mention that it looks crazy cozy.  And the whole where does one carry one’s handbag? issue that inevitably emerges with capes and ponchos is mitigated by the giant pockets, which look like they’d accomodate a wallet, phone, and lippie with ease.

Also: this one. Which at $899 is not really even up for contention, but which is a little slice of heaven nevertheless.

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Pretty, pricey little things

Fornasetti candles cost an arm and a leg, but they are so damn pretty that they really do qualify as decorative objets in their own right, don’t you think? I was quite pleased, just this morning as the dog and I were strolling down Christopher street, to note that that they’re now at the spectacular fragrance emporium Aedes De Venustas* —as I’ve never been able to track them down in the States, much less so close to my place of residence. And they’ve got a fantastic e-commerce site, so they might as well be in your backyard as well.

*Truly, if you are at all into this type of thing and a visit to New York is in your plans, you must stop in to this place. At a time when so many stores resemble so many other stores, there is no other place quite like this one.

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Profiles in self-loathing

So according to the Hollywood Reporter, a Big Bang Theory producer is developing a family sitcom called Smells Like Teen Spirit, the premise  of which “revolves around an 18 year-old budding entrepreneur  who forgoes Harvard and instead opts to launch a multibillion-dollar internet company from his garage with the help of his sister, best friend and his 1990s indie-rock parents.” And the only thing that horrifies me more than the fact that this is happening is how predictable I find it that my aging indie rock ass is so horrified by it.

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Morning links

  • Nobody brings it like the wee poochies of the East Village bring it: check out these pictures from Saturday’s annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade for proof. (The Cut)
  • Only the very hippest girls in all of hipsterdom were selected to appear in Sarah Sophie Flicker’s get-out-the-vote PSA, a (many) lip-synched version of Leslie Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.” (Hello Giggles)
  • It’s eerie—and not a little bit upsetting—to contemplate how more than a couple of these vintage contraception ads from around the world seem like they’d be considered too risque to run by today’s standards. (Mother Jones)
  • Listen to James Franco explain why it is he’s pretty sure he didn’t get the lead role in The Master and marvel at the wonder that is one person’s capacity for unchecked self-love. (The Cut)
  • Oops. (Sidebar of Shame)
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