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At long last: the perfect Chelsea boot

For me. And possibly perfect for you too, if you’ve been searching for a pair with a sole that’s neither too thin nor too clunky, and a shape that’s nicely refined, but not too fashiony-streamlined . Such a delicate balance.

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Morning Links

  • Opening Ceremony has just launched a new handbag line.  I’ll take one of each please.
  • This used to be my playground: eerie pictures of abandoned shopping malls. (Falvorwire)
  • BREAKING BAD SPOILER ALERT: In honor in the very recent passing of everyone’s favorite TV sociopath, here’s a supercut of Mike’s best wisecracks.
  • Mindy Kaling’s new show The Mindy Project debuts in late September. But if you want, you can watch the first episode online right this very second. (Fox)
  • Here’s one for the One Scarcely Knows Where to Begin files: The folks who run the tanning salon industry’s biggest advocacy group want you to know that all this nattering on about how bad their product is for your health is part of a vast conspiracy on the part of doctors, health authorities, and nonprofits.  Also, that it helps prevent breast cancer and heart disease. (Mother Jones)


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It’s the little things

I love Otte‘s in-house line of silk tops and blouses. Mostly because of all the pretty colors.

But also because the shapes are so excellent: they’re updates on classic styles, but done all slouchy and cool. Like this tank here.

And this little cap-sleeve tee. Also: the silk is just the right amount of shiny—which is to say, hardly shiny  at all. Just the tiniest, sexiest, little bit.

Of course there’s plenty of not-color, too. I keep thinking how great this would look just simple and casual as can be, with jeans and a blazer. Such a sleek and wearable alternative to the white button-down.


Posted on August 27th, 2012 7 Comments

The colors that look awful on you don’t have to look awful on you

Somebody once gave me a very handy piece of advice about how to get away with wearing colors that don’t particularly flatter you. It’s quite obvious, but in a million years would not have occurred to me:

You just throw on a hit of another, more flattering, color—and make sure this is the one that comes closest to your face. So easy! And so easily accomplished, with a scarf or a necklace, or a bit of strategic layering. Or, if you’re the too-lazy/busy-to-style-yourself type—and if your most tragic hue, like mine, happens to be grey—you can just throw on this this  clever little number.

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Denim danger zone

It’s early in the season, but I can already tell this printed jeans thing is going to be my undoing.  I can’t recall the last time there was a trend so hard-wired to both drive me wild with acquisitional desire, and flatter me not in the least. My legs are perfectly OK, but they’re definitely not the place I should  be taking interesting risks with intriguing patterns.

The odds that I could pull off this rather fantasmagoric pair from Iro? Slim to none.

And this faux-boix  style from  J Brand? Only nominally better. (Though I do actually think these might be made not to overwhelm  if you wore them with simple flat boots and a big old sweater.)

Most dangerously (because I’m viewing them as less of a risk,  and am therefore more likely to take the plunge) I’ve become fixated on ombre jeans, specifically this pair from Rag & Bone (which also comes in a possibly more wearable—but for my money a touch less excellently great—black and rust version).

And call me nuts, but I’m also dying over this Pierre Balmain pair. If I had an extra $700 lying around for a pair of jeans—and felt that $700 was ever an appropriate amount to spend on a pair of jeans under any circumstance—I’d be right on it. Meanwhile, Cheap Monday‘s got a very high-waisted version that goes for $99 (do you guys ever go for the very high waist?) and Helmut Lang’s got these, which have a far more more gradual fade.

(Also: while we’re talking denim with a difference: what thinks of these? The hem keeps striking me as kind of cute, but also disturbingly reminiscent of a hoof. Does anyone else see this?)

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Morning links

  • Here’s Julianne Moore in character for the remake of Carrie. Also: Chloe Moretz drenched in pig’s blood. (EW)
  • Three million bees were removed from the home of a Queens man Wednesday night, to the vast relief of his terrorized neighbors. (MSNBC)
  • Can you imagine the reaction if this Japanese Toyota commercial featuring a blonde, topless, very adrogynous male model wearing nothing but a bikini bottom aired diring the superbowl? (Adfreak)
  • Here’s an alternate version of  “Ballad of Big Nothing” by the late, great (poor, tragic) Elliot Smith, courtesy of his record label, Kill Rock Stars—and released as part of a monthlong celebration of his birthday. (Death + Taxes)
  • Designer Charlotte Ronson’s upcoming fashion week show is being sponsored by a drug rehab center—a moment of marketing synchronicity that seems as inelegant as it does shrewd. (The Cut)



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