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Crazy or cute?

I love a nice, slouchy, zippered v-neck top, and this one is rather lovely, what with the perfectly-cut three-quarter sleeves and all. And the print—so distinctive. Is it a floral? Some sort of paisley, perhaps?

Why it’s dots and tigers! But of course!

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Morning links

  • Target opened the first of its new City Target stores in Chicago yesterday, and of course the event was live-blogged. (Refinery 29 Chicago)
  • Nina Garcia tweets, Wall Street listens. (WWD)
  • Call me predictable, but I do love my Wilco. Here they are last night on Jimmy Fallon. (Death and Taxes)
  • Sorry, Ladies. Kim Jong Un is off the market. (HuffPo)
  • Obama comes out strong against Real Housewives.  (Politico)
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Throw a belt on it

It’s actually kind of amazing—given the amount of  time I’ve spent in close proximity to people with extremely good style—how deeply clueless I manage to look so much of the time. You’d laugh if you saw me yesterday: my outfit started out with a pair of shorts quite similar to these:

…and things proceeded quite rapidly downhill from there. In some ways, I can’t bring myself to care: if there’s any time of year to try and get away with throwing on whatever’s nearest and cleanest, it’s now. Especially given that my current daytime dress code is more about putting together ensembles that work for a wifi cafe/dog run-circuit life than a sleekified office-to-evening work-function-type of situation.

Lately, however, I’ve been having a number of grown-up-style lunches and meetings, and I have felt the need—even the desire—to step things up. I’ve got plenty of nice dresses from when I worked in an office, but none of them feel right anymore. To me, certain articles of clothing are as evocative of a time and a place as some songs or scents can be. And when I put these dresses on, all I can think of are consumer marketing meetings, lunches at my desk, midtown traffic and a life I no longer lead.

I’m hoping I’ll get over it eventually, because a few of those dresses are really nice.  Meanwhile, I have a very simple dream. I want a I lighter-than-anything dark dress in a classic—but interestingly cut—shape. Like this silk shirtdress, perhaps. Shirtdresses are often too preppy for me, but this one has such an excellent slouchiness about it.

Or something like this graceful little tank dress. Or perhaps this somewhat similar, less expensive version.

And then I want to take that classic-but-interestingly-cut dress and throw on a belt on it, the way women have been throwing belts on dresses for decades, but I never have. This is kind of a headline for me, the whole belting dresses thing. Somehow the time feels right.

I like the idea of this Aztec print belt with the shirtdress. Nice and tactile, and a playful contrast to the whole preppy menswear-ish thing.

And this big old classic J Crew belt feels like it would be just the thing if I were ever going to attempt one of those soft/hard looks and pair it with a pretty floral dress or something.

I can’t bear to wear skinny belts: they always make me feel so thick. Something like this makes me feel all feminine and wispy. And it’s not too wide, which is a whole different kind of bummer.

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Bella goes rogue

Gotta work on that poker face, K Stew


Just when the world starts feeling like it’s all too much—what with mass murders and government operatives slowly whittling away at womens’ reproductive freedom—a big old celebrity cheating scandal comes along and really threatens to throw the planet off its axis. Seriously! Educated, adult grown women with good jobs are trolling gossip sites at work for new tidbits regarding Kristen Stewart’s affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, and shooting emails to friends with messages that say things like: How could she do this to R-Patz? She never deserved him!

Are these the final days? Or are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as close as we’ll ever come again to an old school Liz-and-Dick-style bigger-than-life movie star couple upon whom many can project their fantasies? Meaning: nothing new, so let’s all move along? You tell me.

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Morning links

  • This then-and-now guide to various spots around New York where key scenes in Annie Hall were shot—brought to you by my new favorite blog, the fantastically obsessive Scouting New York—might just bring out the huggy nostalgist in you. (Scouting New York)
  • I will be very unhappy if any of this business gets between me and the new season of Modern Family. (Daily Beast)
  • “Where’s the iconography? This is not iconic” and other acutely observed critiques of the new YSL logo. (The Cut)
  •  Although I am finding the supercut genre increasingly tedious, this one— a tribute to 75 years of  Manic Pixie Dream Girls in film— is pretty clever. (Flavorwire)
  • Al Capone’s former Miami home is for sale for $9.95 million. It’s extremely nice. (Time)


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We love it when things look more expensive than they really are

Like this deeply elegant cuff from Ann Taylor, which would be quite Ralph Lauren circa 1981 if you wore it with a crisp white button-down shirt.

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