Thursday 19th October 2017
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Afternoon links

Who wore it best?

  • The Fashion World Forgives Everything #2387: Host Seth Meyers made a John Galliano/Bar Mitzvah joke last night for the crowd at the CFDA awards, and it bombed.  (The Cut)
  • This mashup of President Obama singing Call Me Maybe might make you really, really happy.  (The Atlantic)
  • You can’t say anything about Florence Welch’s wardrobe choices that she doesn’t already know. (Fashion Foie Gras)
  • Design iconoclast Rei Kawakubo’s Dover Street Market in London is one of the great stores anywhere ever, and now she’s opening one in New York. But where? And what to expect? The Times speculates.
  • Check out Racked’s quite lively lineup of  New York sample sales during the month of June.
  • Really, truly, the least appealingly-worded Groupon offer ever (Death and Taxes)
  • Cute street-style pictures from some festival this weekend in Chicago’s hipster-filled  Wicker park. (Racked Chicago)
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  1. Eve says:

    I need you to read Gone Girl by the brilliant Gillian Flynn and review it. I …cannot…put…it…down. I need to discuss it with people!