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A lot of really expensive stuff is less really expensive right now



Gilt’s Marni sale started today: this pretty little number is marked down from about a zillion dollars to a comparatively reasonable $544.


And over at Ssense, there is a monster of a sale going on. Lots of  Christopher Kane’s glorious floral prints now seem almost within reach. Also there:

Tons of Marc Jacobs—particularly bags, which one doesn’t see on sale every day. And really just insanely so much more. Don’t not go to the Ssense sale.

And don’t pass up Forward! How great are these pre-styled-for-your- convenience stackable rings?  Plus, plenty of (actually within the realm of the affordable) tees, tunics, and other slouchy necessities of summer.


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Travel stress, part 1

Have any of you ever successfully packed for a trip of ten days or longer using just a carry-on? Because I’m going on vacation soon, and my pathological fear of lost luggage—which does not coexist at all peacefully with my tendency to overpack—has me contemplating this.  The only thing that makes it even close to conceivable is the notion of carrying a duffle wheelie, because you can cram so much more into them than a regular suitcase-shaped wheelie.  I bought a magically bottomless one several years ago—a collaboration between Le Sportsac and Stella McCartney—but it  falls over whenever you let go of it. Not so handy when you’re, say, selecting magazines at the airport newsstand. So I’ve  been eyeing this Crumpler duffle as an alternative —so handsome and sturdy.

But here’s the thing: my primary destination is Paris. So there’s no way I’ll be getting by with just a carry-on for the return trip, because, awful exchange rate or no, there will be shopping.  In which case the acquisition of a super-lightweight, packable little buddy suitcase like this nice red one becomes a must. But instead of putting all my nice new purchases in it, this  is where all of the dirty laundry and used-up cosmetic containers would go—so if it gets lost in the shuffle for a day or two, life can proceed with a minimum of drama.


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It’s the little things

This lip tint, in a hue Origins called Sherry Baby— possesses the rather miraculous power to make my undereye circles about five times less noticeable. Possibly because it goes on more berryish and bright—instead of (comparatively) darker and plummy?  Which maybe I’ve been wrong all along in believing is my shade? Beauty mavens: is there a lesson to be learned here?


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Welcome to summer—such as it is

So the weather’s going to be all charmless and pouty this Memorial Day weekend. But let’s not let that bring us down. Summer will be  here soon enough, hot and sticky and excellently lazybones as ever. Here are a few of my staples of the season.

Big-ass wedges.

Lightweight cropped chinos, a size too big so I can wear them all baggy.

A light flowy dress in some interesting, deconstructed shape, so it looks like I made an effort even on the days when absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.


Design-your-own Havianas.

About a thousand tank tops.

At least one item way more hippie girl  than me.


An extra-large, indestructible, super-affordable LL Bean tote with a zipper top—so that everything I’ve packed for the weekend doesn’t fall all over the back seat of the car every time I make a sharp turn.


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Weekend reading: Fugging clever

Unlike a lot of celebrity gossip blogs, Go Fug Yourself feels less like high bitchery and more like the work of a couple of  charming wiseacres. Which is its brilliance, I think: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan never come after the celebrities themselves, just their wackadoo outfits. They seem to come from a place of enthusiastic archness—if we can call that a thing— and it’s very winning.

The same is true of their first YA novel, Spoiled, which hilariously, but big heartedly, lampooned Hollywood stars and their overindulged spawn. So it is fantabulous news for us all that the follow-up, Messy, was just released.  It’s my weekend reading, and if you need a good laugh—I laughed out loud at Spoiled, and I’m not a laugh-out-loud person—maybe it will be yours too.

Posted on May 25th, 2012

Morning links

  • Do pay a visit to Sartorial Zoo, a single-topic Tumblr that matches a certain street style photographer’s subjects to their animal kingdom doppelgangers.
  • If Andrea Linett and Gilda Radner had a baby, it would be The Man Repeller. Consider the evidence.
  • Isn’t is wonderful that Drew Barrymore has found herself a nice young man? Here are 10 facts about her upcoming wedding, including what she’ll be wearing (Chanel) and where it’ll be (her big fancy house in Montecito). From Bride Finds
  • Beth Ditto responds to Karl Lagerfeld’s comments about Adele’s weight by calling him out  as an insecure former fat boy. From New York
  • Genius author Jennifer Egan wrote a story for the New Yorker composed entirely  of 140-character-or-less bursts, and it is being tweeted in serial form for an hour each night for the next week here. The first installment went up last night, and it seems to be about lady spies. And it’s pretty funny.
  • Racked National has posted an almost terrifyingly-good lineup of  39 online sales going on over the long weekend.
  •  Have you guys been following the various reports of motorists picking up a hitchhiking John Waters as he traveled across the country? He just made it to San Francisco—alive—and the Times has got the story here.


Posted on May 25th, 2012