Monday 20th November 2017
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Shopping as a career choice

Most people leave the house on weekdays and go to their jobs. At the end of the day, they’ve made money.  Me, I leave the house and behave as though my job is to to spend money. Like that’s my actual gig. Not every day. Or even most days. But a whole lot this week.

Nothing good can come of this

I could blame it on the neighborhood, where the shopping opportunities multiply like Tribbles.

I could blame it on the dog, who needs walking three times a day, often during Business Hours. But mostly I blame it on my ability to rationalize absolutely any purchase, anywhere, any time.

And this week, I’d also like to blame Rag & Bone.

Yesterday, just taking the dog out for a quick run before company arrived for dinner, I popped in to their Christopher Street store. And bought this. Because as anyone who has even the vaguest knowledge of me and my wardrobe knows, I appear to be living in constant fear that all designers will decide simultaneously to stop making black, drapey, asymmetrical tops. And that, in anticipation of this moment, I must employ every available opportunity to stock up.

This dress couldn’t have been easier to talk myself into. It’s got the asymmetry thing going on, is light as air, and best of all, is an ideal summer length. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find summer dresses that aren’t stupid-short or that long, often unflattering, Elaine Benes length.

The dress and the top are solid purchases. They will both get a ton of wear. But I approached the cash register feeling my usual unimaginative self for only buying black clothes yet again. So when I spied this scarf (which I really wish you got a nicer view of in this picture) the question of whether or not to buy it pretty much answered itself. Because you throw on a colorful scarf and suddenly you’re not wearing all black anymore. Plus, it is not every day that one finds a really fantastically chic red, white, and blue print.

Now is probably the right moment to add that I’d visited Rag & Bone a few few days prior, popping in to purchase  this jacket,which I’d been obsessing over online since featuring it in a little boucle item I did back in April. And which was even better in person than in its digital iteration, which is not always the case. I love this jacket above pretty much every other item I’ve bought this spring. It’s actually improved the quality of my life a little bit, the way some key purchases do.

And because the day I bought the jacket, I was filled with the kind of deep but unspecified ill humor that can be dangerous to one’s bottom line—especially if one goes searching for peace of mind in places of commerce—I didn’t stop there. Instead I went to Diptique. And bought this Feu de Bois candle, and actually congratulated myself for not upgrading to the massive 52-ounce indoor/outdoor version that goes for $225 and comes in a gorgeous ceramic pot. But in reality, the only reason I didn’t buy it is because it seems like the type of thing that people only buy to give as gifts. And I feared that when the salesperson inevitably asked Would you like me to wrap this up for you?  I would just have to die of shame.

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Posted on May 4th, 2012 7 Comments

7 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    That Feu de Bois candle remains my obsession. It’s been sitting on my Amazon wish list since 2003 and I am still waiting for someone to wrap it up for me!

  2. mslewis says:

    That black dress . . . LOVE!! So pretty and wearable.

  3. Eliza says:

    that boucle moto jacket is awesome. I talked myself out of it a few weeks ago but it is pulling me back in. this post doesn’t help!

    • KimFrance says:

      I love love love it. And so, apparently, does the world: yesterday, on a single walk, I saw THREE other women in it. One of whom was actually standing on the same corner as me.

      • carmencatalina says:

        Well, I’m another one who has your jacket, but don’t worry, I’m far, far away from NY. I was internet stalking it for the longest time, and you post the other day made me cave in.

  4. Lucy sykes says:

    I want it all and very nice running into the real kim france at Choc Bar today, you look so Young, best Lucy