Tuesday 23rd January 2018
You know who you are.
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Pooper-Scooper Barbie
and more Tuesday links

  • This Daily Beast slideshow of the most controversial Barbies of all time is at once hilarious and mortifying. This, however, is mostly just mortifying (The Cut; last item).
  • Style List runs an excerpt from the UK’s fashion world confidential The Intern Diaries. An anonymous magazine assistant details the many hardships of her job, and I, for one, am scandalized. Young women made to  read emails from publicists! Attend story idea meetings! Write columns! Why isn’t some government agency looking into this?
  • This is is only a dream. It’s only a dream. (from Media Decoder).
  • This year’s Fug Madness tournament over at Go Fug Yourself has wrapped itself up, and the winner is: Vanessa Hudgens! Edging out Lindsay Lohan in a real nail-biter! You won’t want to miss the One Fugging Moment highlights video.
  • Everyone, everywhere is accusing the National Magazine Awards of not honoring enough women. This is not news.
Posted on April 4th, 2012

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