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Let’s all just pause
for a moment

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Now try to pretend that Dara-Lynn Weiss’s baroquely misguided Vogue essay about her efforts to get her overweight daughter to lose 16 pounds never happened.  Pretend that you didn’t read any of the various smart and dead-on follow-up pieces that only got you angrier.

Breathe deeper. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Because this next part won’t be easy. Think back to a time before you read that she got a book deal.

Open your eyes. Feeling a bit better? Now watch this video.  Happier, right? Big picture, good fight, etc.


Posted on March 28th, 2012 3 Comments

Dear Mary-Kate and Ashley:

So much to love about the Spring Elizabeth and James collection. I know I’m not your target demo, but there’s a whole lot here that I can work with.

This zigzag print Frenchy/punky jacket will look so cool with skinny jeans and a slouchy-but-not-too-baggy t-shirt .

And this top exhibits an admirable mastery of precisely the kind of clean, graphic ethnic print I love so well. The stripes at the bottom make the whole thing look modern, and the fluttery sleeves are a bit more forgiving on the arms, once warm weather comes, than its sleeveless counterparts.

In addition to which! Your jewelry is interesting and edgy and fun and best of all,  very accessibly priced: this fox head ring is inspired by pieces that come in far, far pricier iterations.

But I really can’t get with you on the Mullet dress.

Posted on March 27th, 2012

Delusional, but in a good way

I believe it was Carolina Herrera who said that a woman should not leave the house before checking her outfit in a three-way mirror—advice that makes a certain amount of sense, but that I nonetheless find terrifying. I’d never make it out the door. Aren’t we hard enough on ourselves when we look in the mirror?

Lately my thoughts have been veering in quite the opposite direction. I kind of want to buy a big old floor mirror like you find at every cute boutique. The ones that lean up against the wall ever so stylishly—and at the world’s most flattering angle. An in-home skinny mirror! What better way to shake the winter blues than always thinking you look just a little better than maybe you do?

Plus, really do they seem to brighten up a room.

I love the mirror in this picture. It looks glamorous and tumbledown and like it was salvaged from some ruined Newport estate. But one could scour flea markets for months before finding the perfect specimen. Instead I’m thinking of going for this similarly dramatic, but also quite simple, beveled  number.

Posted on March 25th, 2012 1 Comment

You can meet some very
lovely people at Sephora

Specifically, my local Sephora, which is in in the meatpacking district and is probably the coolest Sephora anywhere (dark floors, dramatic windows, mobile checkout) as it was created specifically to blend in to its fabulous environs. And the lovely people who populate it are largely tourists,  a fact I can assert with some authority, because they always make a fuss over my dog and tell me  how much they miss their Goldendoodles and Labradoodles and Maltipoos back home in Miami/LA/St. Louis. Why people shop on vacation at stores that exist in their own hometowns can be a mystery but here it actually makes sense: they’ve got the world’s most beguiling display of travel-size items. Here’s what made the cut the other day as I fell in with a few ladies from Dallas.

Ages ago, my hairdresser suggested this Oscar Blandi dry shampoo as an alternative to hair powder—of which I am a total proponent: anything that allows you to push a blowout two or three days past its prime without making you look like a total dirtbag is aces in my book—but which can be messy. My fear was that it would smell all fume-y and hair-spray-ish, like similar products do, so I’d held off because a normal-sized bottle cost more than I cared to spend on a potential mistake. But but to the contrary, it’s got a delightful kind of citrusy scent and gives me way more volume than powder ever did.

Exfoliating cleanser almost never makes the cut when we’re cramming all of our beauty products into carry-on approved sandwich bags and trying to keep things minimal. But considering how effectively travel seems to bring on breakouts, this is probably worth a rethink. Kate Somerville products are actually the only ones I use on my skin—my most serious beauty splurge—and the fact that she sells her exceptionally excellent, ExfoliKate in  itsy size was a happy discovery indeed.

A really, really, wee mascara of the lengthening variety, from Benefit. I mean, how can you not?

Posted on March 25th, 2012

The black trench is underrated

It’s just an entirely different beast than the traditional trench, and needs to be respected as such. Black trenches are very French fashion editor. Very Sting in Quadrophenia. Or at least Sting in Quadrophenia as I remembered him before looking up this picture and being forced to recall that the trench in question was leather.* (Sting was really sexy in Quadrophenia. I’m not ashamed to say it. He was King of the Mods!)

I bought a black Dior Homme trench maybe six years ago at the fantabulous 10 Corso Como in Milan.** It has served me well, and though it has seen better days, I’m still working on the cost-per-wear and am not in the market for another just yet. But if I were,  I’d hop on this very cleaned-up classic number—especially since it’s  marked way down.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with this. But one has to be in the right mood.

**10 Corso Como is magic: impossibly expensive and way too cool and yet thoroughly cheery and bright and full of clothes and home items and jewelry you’re not going to spring for, but are just really happy to be in the same room with. I made a point of visiting whenever I was in Milan, because it always allowed me to forget, for a few moments, that I was in Milan.

Posted on March 24th, 2012

The Season of Sally

It would appear as though I’m the only basic cable subscriber maybe anywhere who isn’t counting the milliseconds until Mad Men‘s two-hour season premiere on Sunday. Mostly because that Matthew Weiner seems  like such an attention hog (compare him to David Chase, for example, who did a whole lot more of letting his show speak for his show).

I  will watch it, of course. There is no escaping the gravitational pull. And I loved Miriam Krule’s character analysis in Slate this week of the  tough, precocious, future troubled genius that is Sally Draper (played by the unstoppable Kiernan Shipka). “It’s begun to feel…as if the show is, deep down, all about Sally,”  she ventures, and makes a pretty good argument for this being the case.  Apparently there’s a whole lot of Sally in season five, and the ride gets rocky. All the better to pave the way for radical Mt. Holyoke activist Sally, or Studio 54 lost-in-the fast-crowd Sally, or whoever else she winds up really pissing off her parents by becoming.

Posted on March 23rd, 2012