Saturday 16th December 2017
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Bird can really mess
with a girl’s priorities

I adore my nephews above all others, and have worked hard to curry their devotion. First by hanging back like a cat and letting them come to me (boys will be boys, no matter what age) and then, their curiosity piqued, spoiling them within an inch of their tiny little lives. They return from visits with their Aunt Kim drunk on chocolate, high-fructose drinks, and hours of viewing the kind of television their parents find most corrosive to their development.

What they don’t always get from their Aunt Kim is attendance at their loud and sticky birthday parties. They don’t seem to mind much about this, but their parents do, and so on a recent Saturday, I  took the L out to  Williamsburg for a trampoline party . I’d been careful to time my arrival for the last hour—enough time to appear respectful, but only just— and was running late. When I got to Bedford and Grand,  I froze for a moment in my tracks: Bird was steps away! An immediate left and I could pop in for—what?—five, minutes? Tops. A quick scan of the racks and out.  But just as an alcoholic knows it will never be just one drink, I knew that five minutes meant closer to 30. So I kept on walking. Because family is family. And Bird has a fantastic ecommerce site.

A bit ambitiously priced, but I like this hippie chick top by Raquel Allegra. Especially from the back.

I have an irrational (and—given that they’d probably be more flattering for my body type than some of my current choices—counter-productive) fear of high waisted pants. But these are so elegant and wearable-looking.

How clever is this Fucci House ring?

I like these: they’re like scary-tough dominatrix  heels for girls who can only handle so much drama.



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Posted on March 30th, 2012

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