Wednesday 18th October 2017
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Wednesday links

  • It’s a new Morrissey video, everyone. (Flavorwire)
  • A fascinating story about the gay architects of classic rock. (NY Times)
  • Here’s a dictionary of Ikea product name meanings. Not at all useful, but mildly amusing.
  • And here’s a sweet little piece about Maria Cornejo’s new book. (The Cut)
  • Gotta love Carrie Fisher, now and forever.


Lightweight puffers to keep you going through fall

I’ll do a post on heavy-duty winter puffers sooner than later—because the good ones sell out fast—but for now I thought I’d focus on the type you can wear right now. Like this one from Penfield, which has such a good bomber shape, and handy two-way zippers.

Here’s a pretty splurgy choice from Moncler—I love the chic shape, and the fact that it’s thin enough to wear under a heavier coat later on.

The buffalo check detail here is fun.

This is just a really good, flattering shape, and a very nice army green.

I might have to add this to my menagerie of Barbour jackets—it’s well-priced (for Barbour) and so I-have-a-country-house-in-the-Cotswolds.

Another choice thin enough to be layer-able, and I like the slight asymmetrical feel.

The geometric quilting here is so cool.

A very good camo print.

Another option from Barbour: so excellently kick-around for weekends.


I think the bomber shape here is really stylish.


GOACA basics: The crewneck sweater

Like cardigans last week, this is a category so vast that really I should have subdivided it. Instead, I bring you one big old post with all manner of crewneck, from straightforward to slightly edgy. I like this one from Rag & Bone because it has cute leather patches at the elbows.

A very good red and a very decent price.

This has dolman sleeves, which softens things up a bit.

The colorful speckling on this ribbed version is cute.

The buttons at the shoulder here are a nice touch.

Skinny stripes are so chic.

Everlane is back with their $100 cashmere crewnecks, which come in a variety of colors. I’m liking the navy.

Just a nice burgundy cable knit.

This is so excellently oversized; I’d wear it exactly as it is shown here, with leather jeans or leggings.

This is really a mock-turtleneck and doesn’t so much belong in this category, but since I probably won’t ever do a post on mock-turtlenecks, I’m including it here because it is just so good.

The furriness here delights me. And it’s dirt cheap.

I absolutely adore this icy blue.

And I’m including this because it’s such a great, poppy yellow.

The interplay of textures here is cool.

The tie-sleeves are unexpected on an otherwise straightforward sweater.

This reminds me of a Betsey Johnson sweater I owned in the 80s.

I like that he hemline dips low in the back here to provide excellent butt-coverage.

Big fat stripes are so fun.

Monday links

  • These oil paintings of chandeliers by artist Laura Wood are so amazing. (The Jealous Curator)
  • The great Jodi Kantor of the Times tells how she broke the Harvey Weinstein story. (Slate)
  • And here are all of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers and their observations.  (Elle)
  • Supermarket Sweep is coming back. (A.V. Club)
  • Your morning cry, and it’s a good one. Never forget. (Kottke)


I still like low-slung jeans best

And they’re getting harder and harder to find now that higher-waisted jeans have taken over.  I’ve tried to get on board—and have one pair I like a lot—but for the most part, I still feel like low-slung jeans are more flattering and so much more comfortable, at least for me. (I know some people swear that high-waisted jeans are more comfortable, and I will never understand this.) Here’s a nice boyfriend cut from Frame.

I love a grey jean and these are pretty  nicely priced.

FromUniversal Standard: just a really good, slightly faded-out black wash.

And here’s a really clean wash, with no whiskering or fading whatsoever: so tough to find.

These have a bit of a flair, which is sort of fun.

I’d wear this pair with a simple white button-down.

These look so relaxed and slouchy, but not sloppy.

Red jeans are appealing in a slightly Euro way.

I just love the wash on these: clean, clean, clean.


I haven’t gotten tired of frayed hems yet, and think they’re really good here.

I prefer a more beaten-in black jean, but am including this pair for those who prefer blacker-than-black. I also like the crop.

These are so classic, I picture Lauren Hutton wearing them in the 70s. I realize she wouldn’t have been wearing skinny jeans in the 70s, but that’s where my mind goes.

I like the button-detail at the ankle here.

And finally: a slick coated pair that looks exactly like leather but costs a lot less.

Friday links