Monday 21st August 2017
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Friday links



Things I bought, things I want

I’ve been wearing this belt nonstop since ordering it from Madewell a few weeks ago. It’s a really good army green, and a nice alternative to the usual leather, which is lovely this time of year. Plus, it allows you to add a hit of print to whatever you’re wearing, which keeps things interesting.

I’m liking the idea of higher-waisted (if not exactly high-waisted) jeans, and ordered these because I like the wash a lot and the frayed hem. They have a lot of stretch in them—more than I typically like—but it keeps them very comfortable, and they don’t look like they have a lot of stretch in them, which is key.

This blouse doesn’t look like much, but click through, and zoom in on cutest car print (it also comes in a very pretty dress).

I’ve been fixating on a pair of metallic boots for months now, and these are pretty perfect, and would be even more so once they were broken in a bit (here is a cheaper pair, if you’re interested).

A stylish friend of mine pointed out recently that all the cool chicks are wearing canvas bags, sort of as an anti-status-bag statement, which of course made me want one immediately.  This one has a great shape, and is big enough for a laptop.




Thursday links

  • Power suits in popular culture: a slideshow. (Flavorwire)
  • Julia Child’s life as a spy is being made into a TV show, which sounds fun. (Elle)
  • This story on the big business of quinceañrea celebrations is interesting. (Racked)
  • These remodeled campers are really cool. (My Modern Met)
  • A new study reveals how autism affects girls. (The Cut)



Taking requests: A whole ton of navy blue

I had a few requests for this particular post—there seems to be a consensus that it is a bit softer next to your skin than black and therefore a good alternative as we reach a certain age—and am happy to oblige. I love navy pieces and tend to under-utilize them in my wardrobe. Also: Some of you worry about mixing it with black, but I think blue and black are fantastic together. First up: this crepe blouse is just the right amount of sexy. 

Just a good, slouchy tee.

These sweats are well-cut enough to wear out in the world, and not just for lounging.

I like the slight crop on these trousers.

Navy is pretty much the perfect color for these classic, old-school Adidas.

A smart, easy blouse that would look fantastic with a long pendant.

A very-nearly-perfect bomber.

I’m all about a seemingly straightforward piece with unexpected details, which is why this silk blouse appeals—those sleeves are great.

Just about everyone needs a nay blazer—it’s very French chick.

This jacket is definitely a bit of a statement, so I’d wear it very dressed-down with jeans and a tee.

These are one of my favorite pairs of Nili Lotan trousers—they’re insanely comfortable and (weirdly) flattering.

You can’t beat a classic striped tee.

I can’t allow myself to buy any more Barbour jackets, but if I did, I’d buy this one (and here’s a similar—though not cheap—plus option)


Skinny, straight trousers are always chic.

Another blazer, this one oversized and double-breasted.

Wednesday links

  • These photos of various Asian cities at night are stunning. (Colossal)
  • God, this footage of what went down in Charlottesville is scary. (Kottke)
  • Also: this is horrifying, but in an altogether different way. (Dangerous Minds)
  • None of these maps are on paper, and they’re all really cool. (Atlas Obscura)
  • This Princess Diana documentary sounds kind of good. (Elle)


It’s the little things

This red and fuchsia Birkenstock, part of a collab with NY super-boutique Kirna Zabete, is pricey for a Birkenstock, but so, so good.