Wednesday 26th April 2017
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It is clog season at last

No 6 clog—Top 5 of the week

And truly, few things could please me more. As I have pointed out in the past, clogs are not the sexiest footwear ever invented, but they are so damn comfortable, and perfect for traversing the city, as I am wont to do once the weather turns temperate. I own this platform from No 6 and love it; there’s something very modern and un-clunky about the heel.

Swedish Hasbeens clog—Top 5 of the week

I like a nice natural leather, and the proportions here are quite good.

Penelope Chilvers clog—Top 5 of the week

I became obsessed with finding a gold clog to include in this post, and my search finally led me to England, and the Penelope Chilvers website. I like the slightly pointy shape of the toe on these.

Mia clog—Top 5 of the week

The blue here is so rich, and the price is nice (just fyi: you might want to click through and check out all the other colors this one comes in)

Brothers Vellies clogs—Top 5 of the week

This one is pretty vertiginous and possibly not so comfortable, but I love any clog that has studs instead of staples, and you know how I feel about that pink.

A personal note

Girls of a Certain Age started on April 3, 2012 (here’s the very first post) and somehow, I let its fifth birthday whiz by without even noticing. So I’m taking a moment to belatedly thank all of you for making this such a lively, happy enterprise. To all the die-hard commenters—Viajera, DeDe, Mamavalveeta, Joanna, Y.K., C.W., Dana D, Suz, Jhops, Hick from the Styx, Adrien, Gables Girl, Mae, Caroline, Raina, Caroline, Ann, Heather, and I’m SURE there’s somebody I’m leaving out, so please forgive me if so—thank you for being the soul of Girls of a Certain Age. For keeping conversation so lively, witty, smart, and—most of all—so very, very kind. To all of the rest of you commenters, thanks a million for everything you have to say. Your words amuse and enlighten me, and—on days when I’m feeling down and lonely—lift me. And if you’ve never commented, thanks for stopping by on the regular. Knowing that you’re all out there makes my life truly rich.

Monday links

  • 13 quite fascinating public sculptures. (Architectural Digest)
  • Charming Andy Warhol illustrations of cats—from a time in his life when he was living with 25 of them. (The Cut)
  • This piece about what it was like writing jokes for President Obama is a fun read. (Vulture)
  • Here’s a lovely little piece, tied to the Queen’s 91st birthday, about the most stylish nonagenarians in the world. (The Telegraph via Go Fug Yourself)
  • The web’s best hidden gems. (Kottke)

Have you ever had an affair?

Photo by Nan Goldin

I did, and am currently writing that chapter of the book. It was when my marriage was well and truly dead and I was looking for a way out—an “Exit Affair,” they’re called (and before you judge, you’ll have to wait and read the book to see what kind of behavior my husband was up to at the time). How about you? Have you ever? Or even come close?

Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

Street style: Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

I was not a denim shirt person until fairly recently, when I acquired a nicely oversized one from The Great that I now wear with stunning regularity. It’s pretty casual, and I’m looking for more tailored options, as well as ones that have a little something interesting going on (some people look fantastic in those with Western-style pockets—and I’ve included one below, just in the spirit of pleasing everyone—but that’s not so much my thing). I like wearing them best with jeans, for a classic Canadian Tuxedo look.

Topshop denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

A very nice, ultra-faded, well-priced option.

J Crew denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

J. Crew’s Always cotton-chambray shirt is pretty much perfect. It’s also forever sold out in most sizes, so I’ve linked to Net A Porter, where it is simply sold out in many but not all sizes.

Grlfrnd denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

Here’s a perfectly adorable Western-style shirt, for those who are so inclined.

J Crew denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

I’ve got my eye on this shirt—also from J. Crew. It feels very 70s Lauren Hutton.

NSF denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

And here’s a slightly spendy (so of course it’s my favorite) denim tuxedo top. Clever.

PRPS Goods Co denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

And finally: I like this one because it’s hefty enough to be worn as a jacket.