Saturday 16th December 2017
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Top 5 of the week: Some very pretty candles

I have no idea what the scent of any of these is like; I chose them on the basis of aesthetics alone. And I just think this is sweet.

This is from Astier de Villatte, and boy is it not cheap, but it is too gorgeous.

A dramatic and at the same time quite subdued choice.


This comes in a variety of colors, but the poppy red really appeals.

A subtly elegant option.


Bags to carry to parties

Clare V bag

I have way too many bags in my life (I just did a major purge and still have too many). But I possess nothing in the way of a fun, not-too-big (but not inconveniently small) bag to carry to parties, I think because of my aversion to little bags. But I am game to find one, and believe that this is the kind of  item you can have a little fun with by, say, going for metallics or embroidery or a touch of fluff. I like the idea of one that’s on the loud side, which is why this bright orange shearling from Clare V appeals.

I have wanted this bag for a while now: the shape and the color are both absolutely perfect.

Here’s a cute (and not small) leopard clutch.

This wristlet is such a cool and also sophisticated option. (And here it is in silver metallic.)

The product description says this is velvet, but it looks much furrier—and is so adorable.

Here’s something that’s furrier still.

The chevron print here makes this choice a standout, as does the chain strap.

Oh, this just struck me as pretty sweet, what with the flowers and stars.

A gold metallic evening bag is a classic—and it can not be said enough: metallics are neutrals. This would go with everything.


And finally: this is just a hoot.

What I am packing for vacation


I’m going to Mexico on Christmas day—a small town about an hour’s flight and then another hour’s drive from Mexico City called San Miguel, have any of you been?— and am aiming to fit everything into a carry-on. This is usually pretty easy when packing for a warm climate. But apparently it gets cold in the evenings there this time of year, which creates a challenge. So I’m only bringing with me items I know I’ll want to wear repeatedly. And I am dreaming of purchasing these Nili Lotan Jenna pants, in navy, with the most adorable ribbon trim. They’ll look cute cuffed when it’s warmer out, and are so damn comfortable and flattering.

On the plane, I’ll wear these R-13 jeans, which I have owned forever.


And whatever the thickest sweater I’m bringing is.

Even though I know they’ll get wrinkled, I’ll bring a couple of button-downs (and maybe, if there’s room, this wee travel steamer will come along too).

I own a couple of Maria Cornejo jersey dresses, and they are so good for travel because they pack down to nothing.

I can’t imagine not bringing a striped long-sleeved tee, most likely in simple, graphic black and white because it’s so versatile, and a little punk rock.

To walk around everywhere, I will bring these clogs, even though they’re clunky to pack.

For lounging about, I’ll put an ancient Emerson Fry caftan in the suitcase, but I dream of bringing this stunner.

A lightweight cotton cardigan is a particularly good layering piece.

And finally, I know I risk boring you by going on about about Chan Luu scarves again, but they really are the best for travel. Lightweight, but super-warm too.  This is so fun in the leopard print, no?




It is officially hat season

I very much like hiding under a hat this time of year, especially on those daily early morning dog runs, when my hair is wild and bed-heady, and the notion of covering a sizable portion of my puffy, pre-makeup face under something wooly has a distinct appeal too. And I am crazy for Mischa Lampert’s splurgetastic hats; the combination of oversized pom-pom and thick wool is so winning—they’re warm as all get-out—and I think there’s something lively and unexpected about this color combination.

Albertus Swanpoel hat

I have a faux fur beanie much like this one and it is in near-constant rotation; it’s one of those rare items that I’m pretty sure makes me cuter.

Topshop hat

The red and grey here really works.

J. Crew hat

The striped pom-pom is a fun touch.

Missoni hat

Pretty well-priced for Missoni.

Eugenia Kim hood

This hood is stupidly pricey but so very genius.

Brixton Ashland hat

I love a fisherman’s cap; it’s very cool French girl.  (Here is one in black.)

J. Crew hat

Just a good solid basic black.

Missoni hat

Super-graphic and statement-y without being too much.

I love this hair thing

Aquis Hair Turban

Every few days, I wash my hair—I try to go as long as I can between shampoos but it tends to get wild—and the most boring part of my day is always the time I spend blow-drying. I have come to loathe it. So, in an attempt to minimize this time-suck, I took a chance on this little turban, which is made of what is purported to be ultra-thirsty fabric. The trick, I have learned, is to twist it super-tight—if you don’t do this, nothing special will happen—and to keep your hair up in it for several minutes—say the time it takes you to do your makeup. Your hair is still damp enough when you remove it to apply heat-styling product, but dry enough to significantly cut down the amount of time you spend styling. A minor miracle.

It’s the little things

Shepherd of Sweden Lena slippers

Behold, my new slippers.